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One of the main directions of our company’s activity is certifying the authenticity of the data of financial statements of enterprises.

We provide the following services in the sphere of audit:

  • compulsory audit with issuing the audit report;
  • initiative audit and audit by special tasks of owners and investors with issuing the audit report;
  • express audit of the financial and economic activity of enterprises for making further management decisions.

Compulsory audit is realized in accordance with the legislative acts or by the order of governmental bodies. Our company fulfills financial audit of companies.

Initiative audit is realized by the decision of a company, in accordance with its requirements. Initiative audit is subdivided into sampling and complete audit.

Unlike initiative and compulsory audit, express audit is tightly scheduled and the control is not that thorough. As a rule, express audit is realized in case if the customer wishes to check the accuracy of tax charges or understand whether his accountant keeps correct records.

We offer the new, anti-crisis service – express audit of either:

  • accuracy of accounting and accounting records;
  • accuracy of tax calculations and forming tax declarations (we may carry out audit of all taxes or of a concrete tax by customer’s choice);
  • accuracy of human resources documentation, payroll management, leave and dismissal calculations.

In the report we will state all violations, errors and mistakes together with concrete recommendations how to eliminate them.

Our specialists will fulfill financial audit and, if needed, will help solve the problems and consult you how to optimize the accounting and taxation processes. Auditors and consultants of our company are certified specialists who follow the principles of independence, honesty, objectivity, professional competence and trustworthiness.

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